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Patented gauge for sorting and measuring loose stones at the same time. Highly accurate and saves time

Synthetic Diamond Segregators3

Gemlogis supplies Patented-Technology testers to identify the a natural diamond from a man-made one (Including CVD / HPHT / Type IIA). Our segregators are designed to test both loose and mounted stones including but not limited to rings, pendants, earrings, bracelet and necklaces.

Color Stone Meters1

Ground-breaking color stone meters via a wireless connection with our Diamond & Moissanite testers. Highly convenient and user-friendly and displays extended number of stone types (Our Color Stone Meters are NOT stand-alone devices)

Diamond & Moissanite Testers3

Gemlogis develops accurate testers to instantly identify the difference between a diamond, moissanite and simulants through proven and reliable technologies. Saves time and convenient to use.

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