Gemlogis is recognised as the leading innovators in the gemological instrumentation industry. We strive to combine logistic technology and synthesis to define our strategy in developing coherent concepts and solutions.

Gemlogis was co-founded by an established gemological precision engineer whose significant influence has exposed the industry to a new level of diamond and gemstone authentication. By building on our engineer’s early success, our latest achievement features an advanced buying, grading and appraising process under an enhanced level of accuracy and user compatibility. Furthermore we have fulfilled the market need for a seamless and integrated wireless interface.

Our company is devoted to a cutting-edge innovation. The in-house production process assures the industry users and its client the highest quality control and flawless operation. Our reputation as an OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) guarantee our products to exceed our customer’s expectation at the most affordable price.

Gemlogis offers the competitive edge which the diamond and gemstone industry is anticipating. We guarantee practicality and compatibility on a daily basis and technical support that is committed to attend all of our client’s need.