About GEMLOGISProfessional Diamond Tester Supplier

Gemlogis was co-founded by an established gemological precision engineer whose significant influence has exposed the industry to a new level of diamond and gemstone authentication. By building on our engineer’s early success, our latest achievement features an advanced buying, grading and appraising process under an enhanced level of accuracy and user compatibility. Furthermore we have fulfilled the market need for a seamless and integrated wireless interface.

Diamond Testers & CVD Testers

It is about time that you start to know the difference between a genuine diamond and a lab-grown one. Our diamond testers and CVD testers deliver the most accurate and reliable results. We continuously supply diamond testers equipped with the most advanced testing technology worldwide.

Why Choose Gemlogis Diamond Testers?

At Gemlogis, we value innovation, quality and how our products can benefit the industry. Our goal is to develop devices that provide ease of operation and accurate results regardless of the user’s gemmological background. Our R&D team consist of professors across different fields of science and engineers with over 20 years of experience in the development of gemmological tools. We have facilities across Hong Kong, Singapore and China handling different aspects from R&D, production and quality control to ensure only the best products for industry users.

How to identify earth-mined diamonds?

Gemlogis utilizes different technology to identify and segregate gemstones. One of the most discussed subject are identifying earth-minded diamonds.

Scientifically, diamond of the Type IaA and IaAB absorbs short-wave ultraviolet light (SWUV) while Type IIa and IIb transmits SWUV light. Gemlogis have developed products such as the VISTA to help with the identifying process. The advantage of the VISTA is not only for testing loose diamonds but also applicable for mounted diamond (either opened-back or close back) such as a ring, pendant, or earring.

How reliable are Gemlogis Diamond Testers?

Tests performed by devices of Gemlogis are not equivalent to a gemmology lab test. Its function is designed to provide a quick indication and reference based on industry-approved technology involving heat conductivity and SWUV. The results are highly accurate providing all the criteria are met and that the devices are handled accordingly.

Certain products of Gemlogis, for example the VISTA, has been certified by ASSURE Tested Certification Mark through the ASSURE program as one of the best portable diamond testers. VISTA achieved the scoring results for ratio of synthetic diamond referred for further testing to the total number of synthetic diamonds of 100%. The scoring results for ratio of diamonds correctly classified as ‘diamond’ to the total number of diamond of 92.5%.